AeroMIDI Features

A new way to create

Virtual 3D MIDI controller software utilizing the Leap Motion Controller. (Additional input devices coming soon.)

Accurate gestures

Move and rotate your hand and finger movements into MIDI with incredibly low latency.

Music creation at your fingertips

Play notes by triggering 3D zones.

Customizable controller interface

Perform gestures to send MIDI data or switch modes.

Create music like never before

Simultaneously control MIDI expression parameters in six degrees (left to right, front to back, top to bottom, roll, pitch, and yaw.)

Windows and Mac compatible

Windows 7+ and Mac OSX 10.6 +

30 Simultaneous Controllers

10 fingers in X, Y and Z gives you a total of 30 simultaneous controllers!

Hardware and software compatibility

Works with any MIDI software or MIDI hardware.

It is recommended that your computer has a
3D graphics card.

AeroMIDI Laptop

AeroMIDI in Action