• How do I prevent false fingers from appearing?

    One great way to do this is to go into the settings and click on "Leap Motion Controller”. Then change the maximum fingers setting to 1. The downside is that you will only have one finger available for controlling AeroMIDI at a time.

  • AeroMIDI crashes with "GetThreadContext failed” error message.

    Under some circumstances, AeroMIDI may crash where an error message box pops up with the header, "Fatal error in gc" and the contents, "GetThreadContext failed". This crash appears to be caused by a conflict between certain antivirus programs and the Unity 3D engine used by AeroMIDI. In some cases, you may be able to avoid this crash by adding the AeroMIDI install folder to your antivirus software’s exceptions list (untested). Please refer to your antivirus software’s documentation on how to do this. There are reports that this doesn’t work in all cases, and some antivirus programs (most notably Avast!) may need to be removed altogether.

    It has been reported that software by the following antivirus companies may cause this crash:

    • Kaspersky
    • ESET
    • Avast!

    We are currently awaiting a fix from the developers of the Unity 3D engine.

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